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Brasstown Hotdog Limited Time Offer

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Your Brasstown Long Dog is made from 100% premium Cuts of Beef (Filet, Ribeye. N.Y. Strip, Sirloin and Chuck).

Grass Fed Beef • All Natural • No Antibiotics • No Added Hormones • Pasture Raised • Sustainably Farmed

Tell Your Server to Make Your Next Long Dog a Brasstown. The Triple Crown of Long Dogs - for just $1.50 More!


Brasstown Beef is simply the best beef you'll ever taste!  We've been called the gold standard of All Natural, Pastured Centered, Award winning beef.  The consistency in flavor and tenderness of our beef is a result from humane treatment in a sustainable environment, which is the bedrock of who we are and how we operate. 

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The Whitmire Family has been farming this hill country since the late 1700's.  Our family farm in Brasstown, NC has worked for decades to ensure that we are providing Americas Best Beef, and we're proud of the simple, pure goodness we Serve to our people! 

Certified "Pasture Centered” by GAP
We have historically treated and raised our animals in a caring and humane way. It was exciting for us to discover that our animal husbandry practices, in use on the farm for decades, satisfied the requirements to earn a “Pasture Centered” Step 4 Rating from Global Animal Partnership. The only way to earn the highest Step 5 rating is to have a meat processing plant on site.

Ridgefield Farm Recognized for Excellence
The leading edge selection criteria to produce the finest beef at the least possible cost has been recognized by the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association by awarding Ridgefield Farm as the Seed Stock Producer of the Year. Ridgefield Farm has also chosen Breeder of the Year by the Braunvieh Association of America. The farm’s leading edge practices and use of technology has been recognized in national articles published in “Farm Progress” and in “The Progressive Farmer”. Ridgefield Farm has ongoing collaborative beef cattle research projects with both the University of Georgia and North Carolina State University.

When positive responses and requests for more meat came pouring in, it was obvious that the difference in our carefully selected, pasture raised cattle created the amazing flavor of our all natural, no antibiotic, no added hormone beef, when compared to beef generally available in the marketplace.

We believe that Extraordinary Care = Extraordinary Beef.

We made the decision to start Brasstown Beef so that we could provide the highest quality beef to people who truly care about knowing where their meat comes from, how it has been raised, and appreciate consistently excellent tasting beef. All beef produced for Brasstown Beef has been grown out on our farm, and through our family farm unique Ridgefield Farm Bull Deal, almost all of the meat for Brasstown Beef comes from calves that are a direct result of the mating of a Ridgefield Bull to the excellent herds of cows that our bull buyers have. After weaning the calves are the brought back to Ridgefield Farm where they reside in pastures with lots of room to roam with grass and/or hay.

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